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Case Studies:

IT & Process Transformation
Change Management
New Service Development
Programme Management
Process Transformation

Creating a Shared Service centre


  • A regulatory authority found too many of their technical experts were spending a significant amount of time on routine transactional tasks.

  • In addition, there was insufficient focus on delivery and customer needs, leading to frustration and complaints about the services received.

  • Run the Change provided operational excellence leaders to set up and run a central shared service centre and transform processes enabling a 15% reduction in manpower.

  • Engaged from initiation to implementation over 2 years, we helped realise a major change to the way the organisation operates.










Challenging traditional mind-sets


  • A major investment management organisation was looking to significantly reduce the time taken to produce quarterly investment reports for its clients.

  • Initially engaged to analyse existing processes and identify what needed to change to achieve targets.  The assignment was extended to support implementation working across Investment, Operations and Client Services together with the implementation of a new Client Reporting tool.

  • Bringing process improvement concepts in to a traditional relationship based culture was a considerable challenge; the success in changing some attitudes and mindsets has enabled further follow on projects including teh improvement of Business Development activities that involve cross departmental teams.










Change Management

Bringing IT and the Business Together


  • A major airline had invested considerably in Data Warehousing over many years.  As the architects of this were primarily technically oriented it was largely perceived as an IT driven cost rather than a driver of business value.

  • We made the case, influenced key stakeholders and led the creation of a Business Intelligence Competency Centre.  The political challenge involved the IT and Business teams wanting to keep control of their individual components; the technical challenge involved the integration of  
    multiple data sources (of variable quality) and people, as many roles and skills needed to be changed.

  • As a result, a single cross functional team was established using 25% fewer people.  A single customer record was created acting as a catalyst for a major customer campaign. Data Governance is now taken seriously, the Data exploitation strategy and support have been established.  There has also been a 40% reduction in locally held databases










IT Service Strategy & Architecture

IT as a Service


  • A large utility had outsourced a large part of its IT function and retained a team within the business to both manage the new suppliers and provide expertise.

  • Run the Change were engaged to help reshape the internal IT team to handle their new role and responsibilities.  This involved re-engineering a number of existing processes and also re-skilling the internal team to be able to deliver their new tasks.

  • The internal function was better able to manage the partners and improve the overall service offered to the business.










Market facing IT


  • The IT Services arm of a global Telco had a problem with its UK applications services which were out of step with current market trends, not meeting clients' needs and the demand for the groups services which were in decline.

  • Run the Change were engaged to set a new strategy and run the changes required to re-design the services offered, implement a new operational model and develop and add new skills to the group.

  • Demand for services increased, new offerings were brought to clients and a clear plan was established for developing the group over the next three years.










Program Management

Service integration for Cloud and Hosting product


  • A large Telco company was launching a new Cloud and Hosting product for its Enterprise customer base.

  • Run the Change were engaged to design and implement the Process and Organisation changes required to bring this product to market.

  • Working closely with the ‘Infrastructure As a service’ provider and the host organisation's UK and German operational teams, a team of three provided direct support to the programme manager in addition to core Service integration activities.










Start-up company – web based train ticketing system


  • A recently formed Train Operating Company was looking for ways to meet their new licensing obligations.

  • Run the Change developed a business case for replacing the existing, dated (third party) ticketing system with an in-house built solution capitalising on contemporary Web and App technology.

  • Following board approval, we were asked to create a new start-up company to deliver and manage the new system providing interim Managing Director, Transition Manager and Testing lead roles.

  • In 18 months we took the project from concept to live, succesfully serving thousands of passengers.










Developing a team charter


  • A major Oil and Gas company was looking to deepen the Continuous Improvement culture within its Procurement function.

  • Run the change facilitated a 2 day strategy session for the team where agendas and targets were set for the coming year.

  • Bringing in an external perspective ensured challenging but realistic goals.










Working effectively with external partners


  • A large Utility company had outsourced many of its IT functions to Service Providers.

  • The resulting organisation was unclear how to package work and engage with the 3rd party suppliers.

  • Run the Change were central to the project design, build and implementation of the processes, governance and operational support required to successfully manage the work package process.

  • Over 18 months a team of between one and five consultants provided hands on support to ensure the successful improvement in service levels and customer satisfaction.










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