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"Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish." Marcus Aurelius


"If you would know the road ahead, ask someone who has travelled it." 

Chinese Proverb

Why Use Run the Change?

Managing day to day business tasks whilst keeping the business performing can more than consume the bandwidth of any leadership team.  A constant challenge is then to find the time and resource required to drive change and improve how the business works.


Successful transformation has, at its core, a clear strategy and plan devised by senior management, with the energy and leadership to make things happen.  Driving through the necessary changes relies on a cadre of key influential people entrusted to implement the chosen strategy.  Ideally this would involve the business’s best people, but they are usually the very people who are hard to free up from key operational roles and even then can lack previous experience of making change happen in large, complex organisations.


A common approach to this problem is for major programs to be outsourced to the large consulting and service integration firms.  These organisations bring significant capability and experience but at an equally significant cost.  There are also downsides to outsourcing change as a whole and ceding control to people outside of your business.


Run the Change offers an alternative approach.  We provide a small number of very experienced interims to augment and work alongside the internal team, people who have held senior management and executive roles and have experienced many major transformations. At the heart of all our change agents is a strong interest in using their experience to help organisations make effective changes.  This comes at a significantly lower cost than outsourcing the program.  It also helps keep change ‘in-house’ with benefits in ownership, accountability and retained knowledge.


Our regular clients are increasingly choosing this option and Run the Change is seeing this as a rapidly growing trend.

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